About Us

Meghan Gates

Meghan, the manager of Salt Lick Lifestyle and Salt Lick Style, grew up in the town of Castle Rock, Colorado with a taste for adventure.  She found herself attending four different colleges, and living in four states with four different cultures!  She finally decided to find her way back to the Oklahoma Panhandle (her first college town) after graduating with her Bachelors in Psychology.    She left a modeling career in Denver, but was still craving the excitement of the fashion industry.  With a family background in ranching and a roping boyfriend, she was drawn to the Western fashion scene.  Meghan got her cowboy when she married Cody in October of 2012.

Meghan is a lover of all things vintage and you can usually find her scavenging a thrift store or elbows deep in a garage sale.  When not shopping or scouting the rodeo fashion latest, she enjoys ranching, riding, cooking, and breathing new life into old garments and furniture.

Meghan has also started a new company to support clients with their marketing and communications needs.  Check out Ranahan Media.




_20170115_170625-jpgAlix Gates

Alix grew up in the Panhandle of Oklahoma on a 14,000 acre cattle ranch.  Her childhood was filled with hunting, riding, and always working.  She was introduced to the cutting horse industry in 2010 and it has been her passion ever since.  The buckle she wears in a lot of her pictures was won on one of her favorite mares.  She moved around quite a bit assisting top cutting horse trainers across Oklahoma and Texas.

Alix found a landing spot back in her hometown a little over a year ago, where she met Meghan and instantly bonded over fashion.  When she isn’t styling, Alix loves to spend time with her family and work horses.  She constantly has music playing and is always researching new music and older, more eclectic music.  Her favorite passion is bringing new life, and new uses to old, vintage, and worn out items.

You can follow Alix on Instagram on @thealixgates.



Molly  is a photographer and owner of For the West and Wild (formerly Rockin Bar M) Photography, based out of Northern Colorado.   She started riding horses at the ripe age of two. Her dad had ridden horses for awhile, but she was the first “horse obsessed” one of the family.  She spent her childhood on the back of her mare, Lily, running wild in the summer sun of California, picking fresh blackberries and being immersed in Heartland books.

For college she ventured off to Colorado and after transferring, ended up at Colorado State, determined to be a teacher.  She eventually realized that teaching was not what God was calling her to do.  She graduated having NO CLUE what she was going to do.  She spent that summer working at the beautiful C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, CO and her love for photography resurfaced. She came back knowing in her heart that some how, some way, she would be a photographer, and the rest is history – Rockin Bar M Photography was born!

This past October she married the cowboy of her dreams and now lives on about 80 acres, north east of Greeley, CO with their two horses and two sweet pups.

Check out Molly’s work at:  https://www.rockinbarmphotography.com/