A couple of girls living in rural Oklahoma, seeking a creative outlet for their fashion interests, began a collaboration during the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in 2016.  It was a journey that would take them farther than they could’ve ever imagined.  Armed with a mediocre camera, minimal experience in the actual fashion world, tight budgets, a serious passion, and God on our side, we set out to create the Salt Lick Sisters Western Fashion Blog.   I had been following western fashion influencers for a while and always thought “maybe I could do that…”, but never seriously considered it.  While admiring the NFR fashion, I decided to bite the bullet and begin what we had been dreaming about…what did we have to lose?

The odds were stacked against us in all the obvious ways.  We weren’t photographers; there is a big difference between someone with an artistic eye and a professional photographer.  We didn’t have any famous people in our lives to help give us a leg up (we all know how many influencers are rodeo wives).  We worked full time, but were not swimming in the cash.  Budgeting for clothes was no joke and definitely forced us to get a little creative with our style.  Alix and I had about 600 combined followers on our Instagram accounts before Salt Lick Sisters started.  We didn’t have anyone watching us, had no idea how to market ourselves, and didn’t quite have the social media thing down.  Few things were in our favor, but when God has given you favor, you don’t need anything else.

A year and over 18,000 followers later can only be attributed to the Almighty.  The Lord has blessed us with more opportunities than we can count.  We have met other influencers across the country, participated in photo-shoots, been in magazines, and have been featured in blogs throughout the Western Fashion world.  Last year, I attended the Denver WESA market and just a few short months later, we had the privilege of being invited to the Bodacious Babes of the West Conference.  There has been a lot of work underneath everything (seriously y’all, why didn’t anyone tell us how time-consuming corresponding is?!), but we set out with a mission to inspire women to be unashamedly and uniquely true to themselves, while glorifying the Lord, and nothing was going to get in our way.

Over this past year, I don’t know how many times I have felt like quitting.  But one lesson we’ve learned is to only do what we want to do.  When we start taking on too much, when we begin to feel obligated to work with people or please others, and when we start to drift away from who we are, we lose interest and motivation.  There gets to be a point where it’s a good thing to say “no”.  While we are still working full time jobs aside from the blog, my goal is to make things even bigger and better with the New Year.  Starting in  2018, I will be attending Denver WESA as a WESA Wrangler Influencer!  I am over-the-moon to meet even more incredible people.  Collaborations are flowing, inboxes are full, and this whole thing truly is a testimony to how incredible the Lord is.  Thank you to all who have supported us and believed in what we are doing!  I can’t wait to share more and see what God has in store for 2018.