Let’s just get this on the table; Alix and I are ranch girls.  We love dressing up in outfits no one would otherwise see in our tiny town, but when it comes down to the core of who we are, we belong on a ranch.  Salt Lick Sisters work requires a completely different wardrobe than ranch work.  Most often, that line doesn’t get blurred…or so we thought.  Wearing old pearl snaps, tanks, and baggy work jeans has always been the go-to.  When pulling out coffee-stained (and other unmentionable stained) clothes from the back of the closet, there isn’t much thought that goes into dressing for the day unless it involves: do I ever want to wear this to a public event again?  The biggest issue with this is fit.  Shirts are either constricting, or falling off to the point of getting in the way.  When doing any kind of work, these can make a significant difference in the efficiency.

Alix and I were in the dark until Paige Callaway of Pursue Victory enlightened us.  If you aren’t familiar with Pursue Victory’s hand crafted performance shirts, prepare to jump on board.  These button ups are specifically designed for the working lady, the rodeoer, the farmer, the shower, and the performer.  They have longer arms and room in the chest/shoulders for movement, but still have the tailored fit for a flattering look.  Alix and I can ride and work all day in these shirts and not feel constrained or uncomfortable (we actually did it!).  Aside from their practicality, they are simply beautiful!  With colors ranging from classic solids to brilliant florals, we were drooling over every version.

Paige attended couturier school where she learned to construct these beautiful pieces not only to fit properly, but also fit for the ability to move, work, ride, show, and perform in them.  As women, finding a tailored, flattering, comfortable shirt that we could also work in just wasn’t something that existed.  Pursue Victory has provided us with just that.  Paige has come as close as you can get to creating a completely custom shirt by offering five different sizes: Ceres, Epona, Hekate, Pavarti, and Vesta.  Yes, she has made her own sizing and the story behind why is incredible!  But don’t worry, Pursue Victory will help you figure out exactly which size will fit your body and your needs.

Like many other women, Alix and I like a clean, starched shirt.  Pursue Victory shirts are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, so there is some stretch and give, but you can also get a nice heavy starch out of them.  Look good, feel good, perform good, right?  I could rant and rave about Pursue Victory all day, because we truly stand behind the shirts, as well as Paige’s mission for the brand.  If you have been trying to find that shirt that fits right, feels good, doesn’t get in the way or distracts, and is gorgeous, then go check out Pursue Victory at:!